Monthly Archives: March 2017

Ohio is confusing us with the weather conditions. It was already spring when it started to snow again. We heard about the lake effect snow by the Great Lakes and we were excited to witness it firsthand. Lake-effect snow is produced when a cold air mass freezes the lake water and […]

A Frozen Weekend in Cleveland

Abhi and I both love breakfast and it has to be a quality time. Weekends are the best as we can spend so much time while enjoying the breakfast and planning for our trips together. Also as it’s the most important meal of a day, it’s so much nicer to […]

Pancake Weekends – Pancakes 3 Ways

Spring is right around the corner! After a super eventful winter, we are certainly ready to welcome spring. Believe it or not, it’s already March! Not only did winter come and go, but it almost feels like this year is blazing by so fast, too. Luckily there are so many exciting […]

M♥RCH..Let Spring Begin!!

By now you must have known that Abhi and I are nature explorers and we love to go for hikes. Last weekend was no different as we figured out a picturesque location to walk around and take pictures. Winter is not at its peak but the cold days are not […]

Hike to the Horseshoe Falls

There’s no better way to see America’s vast, stunning landscape and rugged coastlines than on four wheels. We were going to drive from Phoenix, Arizona to San Diego, California and how. Although our initial plan was to spend a week driving the whole of California, a not-so-long weekend and no extra […]

Road Trip to California