A lot of memories from our childhood are around food. Before Abhi and I got married, we used to text each other a lot and almost every discussion of ours ended with food. I won’t say we are big foodies but we love to eat healthy and stay fit. Thus […]

Our Favorite Savoury Snack- Dahi Vada

Abhi himself is and now have successfully managed to convert me to a Biryani-oholic!! I can’t even draw parallels to explain our love for Biryani. I was not a very big fan of it, primary reason being I have never tasted the authentic Hyderabadi Dum Biryani. Abhi, on the other […]

Our Absolute Love – Hyderabadi Dum Biryani

Dimer Devil Egg Cutlet
One of our favorite things about ‘Spring’ is the rain. It’s lovely to witness how everything can go from being blanketed in pollen to fresh and sparkly green, how the temperature dips just a bit with each storm to offer cooling breezes, how graceful it feels. Rain or shine, Spring […]

Comfort Food for Monsoon Showers and Cozy Hours

Abhi and I both love breakfast and it has to be a quality time. Weekends are the best as we can spend so much time while enjoying the breakfast and planning for our trips together. Also as it’s the most important meal of a day, it’s so much nicer to […]

Pancake Weekends – Pancakes 3 Ways

With the temperatures decreasing at a considerably absurd rate, I find myself constantly looking for something yummy enough to satiate my insides. Now these are not one of those simple craving of comfort that could easily be taken care of by a steaming cup of rich hot chocolate or some […]

Want some Dim Sums!!