A Day Trip To The Roaring Cumberland Falls

The past few weeks, we have been MIA in our travel front. Work, photo-shoots, and a new venture together are taking up all our time. More on that later! Last weekend Abhi and I got the chance to explore Cumberland Falls at Kentucky for a day and we had so much fun soaking in its […]

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Gorgeous Charleston Falls In The Spring

One weekend, Abhi and I went to another gorgeous nature preserve, where the big goal was to see the Charleston Falls in its full glory.  The Charleston Falls Preserve is a beautiful hiking area with easy loop trails, which are beautifully kept. The most striking part about wandering in the nature preserve was to view the stunning […]

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A Frozen Weekend in Cleveland

Ohio is confusing us with the weather conditions. It was already spring when it started to snow again. We heard about the lake effect snow by the Great Lakes and we were excited to witness it firsthand. Lake-effect snow is produced when a cold air mass freezes the lake water and deposits on the shores. Abhi […]

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Hike to the Horseshoe Falls

By now you must have known that Abhi and I are nature explorers and we love to go for hikes. Last weekend was no different as we figured out a picturesque location to walk around and take pictures. Winter is not at its peak but the cold days are not over yet, so we had […]

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Hocking Hills Engagement Photography

Romantic Getaway To The Hocking Hills

Abhi and I love road trips and traveling but we are not good at making perfect and strategic plans. That’s why our trip to the Hocking Hills was kind of spontaneous. We started early in the morning and saw the sun rising while we drove through the misty cedar lined roads and frozen lakes. We drove for 3 hours to […]

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Weekend Therapy!!

After a hectic week, weekends are like a breath of fresh air. So we make sure to have a relaxing weekend but also to make it count. Weekend is our therapy to let go and recharge our happiness. So mostly whenever we go to a new town, we make it a point to check out […]

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