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Abhi and I love to get outdoors and wander, thus the name ,Weekend Wanderers! Sometimes we are at the ocean, or among-st giant redwood trees or, in this case, the trails around Cincinnati, Ohio. When we moved to Cincinnati, it gave us an opportunity to hike plenty of new places. And there’s no reason one can’t get out into nature and look stylish at the same time, right? A hiking outfit doesn’t have to be bulky, frumpy, or without color. Hiking outfits usually include thermals, cute hats, denims, flannel-lined pants for an extra layer of warmth, and stylish hiking boots to complete any ensemble.

Hiking Conditions And Weather

The hiking outfit will obviously depend upon the destination, along with the weather, and the length of the hike. Weather is a major consideration when planning a hike and its wardrobe. We need to make sure that our hiking outfit reflects the temperature and weather conditions. Rain and snow require warm layers, rain- or water-proof outerwear, and a good pair of waterproof boots. A hat is also a must-have item, although the type will vary depending on whether you might encounter a downpour or freezing snow conditions. In warmer weather, a few light layers are all that is required of a hiking outfit and maybe a hat to keep the sun off the face and neck. Depending on the region, it is okay to opt for shorts or pants, but we prefer long pants to protect the legs from bugs, poison oak or ivy, or thorny bushes.

Hiking Destination

Will it be a paved trail or a dusty hiking path? Will we be mucking through mud or trekking across rocky terrain or boulders? Taking it easy on a flat trail or climbing up and down a mountain? The answer to each of these will determine the ideal hiking outfit. If we are on a nice level paved trail, then we probably won’t be exerting a lot of energy that will make us perspire and shed layers as we go. Also we won’t need any heavy-duty hiking boots. In case, where we might need to cross creeks or muck through mud, we make sure our hiking shoes are waterproof or at least water-resistant, and easy to clean. On an unpaved, dusty trail or while hiking uneven or hilly terrain, it is important to have a good ankle support, and layers of clothing, that can be worn off when it gets too warm.

Length Of Hike

A one-hour stroll alongside a creek requires far different hiking apparel than long hour trek in the mountains. We can get away with stylish athletic shoes or walking shoes for the former, but will need well-fitting hiking shoes for the longer hikes. Furthermore, backpacks are not so essential for easy, short forays, while both come in handy when going out for longer periods of time.

Let’s get down to the outfit details..

The Right Hiking Hat

No matter the weather, a hat is usually a necessary option. When it’s sunny, protection is required from the strong rays; rain requires something to keep the head dry; and snow necessitates a warm hat or a beanie that covers both head and ears. Moreover, colorful hats can give a stark contrast to an otherwise dull and boring look.

Hiking Base Layers

Hiking outfits should always start with a base layer. For warmer climates, this will be a tank or short-sleeved tee in cotton or a dry-fit type of material. For colder climates, something more form fitting on the top to keep the warmth in would be suitable. A long-sleeve tee or turtleneck made from silk or wool would be ideal.

Hiking Pants Or Shorts

We usually wear denim jeans for hiking, nothing too fancy or too utilitarian. They have some stretch for comfort and keep warm on semi-chilly days. Leggings could also be a stylish option and I’ve got several pair of colorful leggings for hikes and walks. For colder weather, start with silk or dry-fit long tights, and layer on warmer pants. Make sure that the fit is not too tight for bending and climbing.

Hiking Boots And Shoes

First and foremost is to make sure that the shoes or boots are comfortable, and are appropriate for the condition of the trail. Hiking boots come in utilitarian style of boot for more active, long hikes, but that doesn’t mean one cannot look at least a little bit stylish while on the trail! The shoes that I’m wearing here are more of a fashion boot than true hiking boot, but they worked perfectly on this slightly uneven and rocky trail. More versatile than the typical boot, mine have a slight wedge, giving me an extra inch and they are fur-lined for extra warmth. 

For less strenuous and shorter trail hikes, look at trail runners, walking shoes or even a good athletic shoe with appropriate sole. For urban trails, paved trails, or unpaved trails that are fairly level, walking and athletic shoes are appropriate. Yes, you can reach into your closet and pull out your Nike for a trail walk, but leave your Converse at home. Flat soles, like those of fashion sneakers, and tennis shoes are not great for hiking.

So, are your ready for a hike? Did you find some cute hiking outfits or pieces that will work for you? Let us know how it goes!

♥ Abhi & Suchi ♥

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