Comfort Food for Monsoon Showers and Cozy Hours

One of our favorite things about ‘Spring’ is the rain. It’s lovely to witness how everything can go from being blanketed in pollen to fresh and sparkly green, how the temperature dips just a bit with each storm to offer cooling breezes, how graceful it feels. Rain or shine, Spring is full of glory and we love it. If you follow our blog, you already know that we feel rainy days are a little indulgent, and full of possibilities. Apart from the pleasant weather, it is a season when we take immense delight in food. The chill which the rain brings is best complemented with yummy zesty food. Indoors or outdoors, a downpour invariably induces a craving for some lip-smacking snack. In our busy lives, when most of us relate rain to long stretched stagnant traffic, here is a list of those foods which remind us that rain is to be celebrated. It’s time to indulge in some mouth-watering beverages and feast on crispy hot fritters. Treat yourself to something simple but comforting and we’ve got some ideas!

Rain and Tea..What chemistry! It’s the perfect combination and as a matter of fact tea is the most preferred drink during the rainy season. And for all who are not a tea-person, coffee is always a good alternative. So this time when it starts raining enjoy the shower with a hot cup of flavorsome tea. Our favorite is the piping hot “Masala chai” – cardamon flavored tea spiced with ginger.

A plate full of cutlets, hot tea, and my man for company is a moment worth rejoicing. Thunder, lightning, downpour, uninterrupted conversations, a sip of tea or coffee along with the unassuming yet delicious egg or veg cutlet, is something which reliefs us of all the stress and worries.

The sight of the food is in itself so satisfying. The chicken cubes teamed up with red, yellow and green bell peppers, grilled at high flame and sprinkled with various spices, is sure to make all drool. A get-together or our lone rainy evenings, this barbeque always work wonders.

Samosas are the most popular, extremely delicious, and most satisfying Indian snack. Flaky fried pastries with savory fillings, samosas have been a favorite treat since time immemorial. Fried or baked, these flavorsome spiced potato stuffed pockets are a snack to relish.

Get the recipe here

During the rains, we often crave for something crunchy and crispy such as fritters. Be it chilli, potato, or onion fritters, just make a batter and dip veggies of your choice and deep fry them. Spinach fritters can be nourishing unlike other fried foods and is a healthier and tastier option for the health-conscious.

Onion Rings
Onion Rings are easy to prepare as a ready-to-cook dish, and serves the purpose of an evening snack quite well. Simply cut the onion into rings and dip them into batter made with gram-flour and deep fry. Our evenings with onion rings along with some hot beverage always get thumbs up.

Puffed Rice Snack
Bhel or puffed rice is our favorite and to make a tangy snack add cubes of boiled potato, finely chopped tomato, salt, tamarind syrup, and jaggery syrup. The tantalizing and mouthwatering munch is light and perfect to enjoy the monsoon drizzles with.

Corn On The Cob
Bhutta or corn roasted on high flame over charcoal, laced with a generous amount of butter and sprinkled with spices is a treat during the monsoon showers. The aromatic smell of roasted corn, topped with lemon juice, salt and red chilli powder is irresistible.
The warmth of burning charcoal is a feel-good experience and the smoky flavor gives the corn a different taste altogether.

Wraps & Rolls
Just thinking about wraps and rolls sparks our appetite. The chicken and cheese rolled inside make for a tasty surprise. Stuffed with shredded meat and other fillings, they are spicy, creamy and so tasty. Easy, delicious, and comforting, rolls can be wonderful for dinner as well. 

Both Abhi and I love soup because it can be quick and easy and healthy, or it can be complicated and rich but either way, it’s delicious. Rain or not, a bowl of hot soup is what we need, to provide us with the essential nutrients. At the same time it satiates our stomach and heart. Savoring, a bowl of appetizing soup while watching the rains is a treat for the weather-beaten soul.

On drizzly dewy weekends, Abhi and I prefer to stay indoors and experiment with food. If it’s raining outdoors, it better be warm and yummy indoors. Rain or no rain..Happy Feasting and Cheery Weekends!


Dishes and Photos by Suchi

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