My Favorite Rainy Day Activities

Mother Nature truly loves to mess with us at times. She gives us two days of beautiful sun, a taste of the summer to come, then hits us with a week’s worth of rain. It’s going to be gloomy, rainy, and altogether unbearable outside for the next few days. When the forecast is grim, whether it’s thunderstorm or a blizzard, boredom can set in fast. Although it’s nice to curl up with a great book or binge-watch an entire season of something, but, let’s face it, sometimes you want different, fun things to do at home.

Rainy days are the ultimate holidays that work struck individuals are looking for. Whether you are a high school teenager, a mom of two kids, or some other working personnel, a rainy day is sometimes like a boon. In today’s world, everyone is always out and busy and in that case rainy days are the only free days when one can actually stay at home and do all the fun things. Nowadays the concept of “staying indoors” has somewhat lost its essence, and so all the indoor stuffs that used to be fun a few generations back have taken a backseat in most of the households. So next time when it rains, plan to do some fun things at home and have a whole new indoor experience that you have always craved for.I do not really like to go out in the rain so I am one of those who will typically stay home on rainy days and also because Cincy drivers are SCARY when there’s any kind of precipitation. So when I am not busy getting dizzy from surfing too much internet, I have listed my favorite rainy day activities below.

Craft something beautiful

I love crafting and every now and then I try to make something for my home interiors or something cute for hubby. Craft needs no special skills, just a little love for it along with some fun ideas. I have been good at it since school, so making it a hobby was no surprise. I keep finding reasons and occasions to make some nice home décor, greeting card, or a piece of jewelry. Rainy days are perfect to get busy with crafts while listening to some soft music and watching the rains pour uninterruptedly.

Make hot chocolate

I like to sit by a window sill with a hot beverage, some snacks, a nice book and watch the rain fall hard against the glass. It feels wonderful and almost like a different magical world. My hot cocoa with marshmallow recipe is pretty simple – Pour 2 cups of milk (soy or almond milk are good non-dairy substitutes) into a medium pot. Mix the cocoa powder, sugar, salt, and water in a saucepan. Stir constantly over medium heat until the mixture boils. Heat until hot, but do not boil, for about 6 to 7 minutes. Pour into a mug and serve with chocolate syrup and marshmallows. Enjoy 🙂 

Organize my closet

I tend to go through my closet every 3 months, but actually setting aside a day to go through is kind of a challenge. In this scenario, rainy days make that decision a little less difficult. In my opinion, there’s something about rainy days and organizing that goes perfectly well together. I sort out my closet and organize clothes based on what I am keeping, dumping, or what I am donating.

Bake a pecan topped carrot pie

The scent of baking at home is one of my favorite scents ever. It’s one that can’t quite be replicated in a candle – it has to be made to truly enjoy the aroma. It’s a strong desire to master the art of baking and bake like a pro. Now I am in my experimentation phase and this time the carrot pie turned out quite well (hubby approves). It’s again a not-so-messy recipe and I quite like my pies and cakes topped with pecans and walnuts.

Have a spa day at home

When it’s drizzling outside, i feel it’s time to get spoiled and pampered all day. Put on a nice face mask (I’m currently obsessed with my Cocoa Moisture Face Mask), lather up the bathtub with hot water and bubbles, put on some nice music, lit up a scented candle, and enjoy! Furthermore, to add to the pamper list, there’s manicure and nail paint. Or watching a few makeup tutorials and trying out the smoky winged eye look to perfection.

Then there are some days where I just put on my rain boots and go splashing in puddles, much to the satisfaction of my husband who never judges me on my silliness. Or sit together and go down the memory lane by scrolling through the photo albums.

Don’t let the rain spoil the weekend. Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain and have an amazing weekend.

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Photos by Abhi & Suchi


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